Weekly Duel Commander League

Basic Details and Scheduling:

League season #4 runs 2023-02-17 through 2023-05-05
Fridays at 18.30
Paring Method: Swiss
Rounds per event: 3
Best of: 3
Rule Enforcement Level: Regular
Duel Commander Specific Rules: Duel Commander Rules and ban-list.

League Finals:


Score Points:

Round Victory: 3p
Round Draw: 1p
Round Loss: 0p
Tournament participation: 2p


Prize support for events:

3-0 Score: 180 Store Credits
2-X Score: 100 Store Credits


Prize support for finals:

1st: 1000 Store Credits
2nd: 500 Store Credits
3-4th: 250 Store Credits
5-8th: 125 Store Credits


Layout Information:

A league season has 12 events and it's your top 9 best event results and all participation points that will count towards your total score for that leagues finals invitation. Participation points are excluded in the case of tiebreakers.

The finals of the Duel Commander League will be held the sunday after the last tournament event in the league. The finals will be a ''Standard seeded'' single elimination bracket, ''Best of 5'' with ''sideboarding'' after game two in each round.

The top 8 finalists for the end game will be invited after the last tournament in each League is completed.

Decklists are mandatory for the finals and must be submitted via the link in the invitation mail. Note that the finals will be played with open decklists and that the information will be available before the start of the first round and will be openly posted at alaragames.se.



Placement Name TotPoints Tiebreaker
1. Boas Renfors 49 39
2. Marin Jelica 40 30
3. Rebecka Vulpini 39 27
4. Daniel Andersson 37 27
5. Rikard Hummerhielm 37 27
6. Jimmy Chilla 30 18
7. Sofia Andersson 28 18
8. Robert Vulpini 28 18
9. Fredrik Björk 26 18
10. Gustav Holmberg 24 18
11. Patric Broborn 16 12
12. Svante Seger 15 9
13. Axel Lindström 11 9
14. David Forselius 10 6
15. Oskar Månsson 8 6
16. Sidney Grönqvist 8 6

Updated 2023-03-24



League #3
Gustav H Boas R Sidney G
League #2
Marin J Boas R

Daniel A

Rebecka V

League #1
Gustav H Patric B Oskar M