New website is now up and running!

New website is now up and running!

by Alara Games Admin

The rumors that some might have heard are true. Here it is at last!  Our new website is at the moment only dedicated to MTG singles but will include a couple of products soon enough like deckboxes and sleeves. And we will integrate our complete store here in the future. and are two different sites at the moment so if you would like to combine your order for mtg singles with your products. Then choose "pick up in store" and notify us of the order number for your order on the other site. And we are of course here to help you and improve our site so if you find any bugs or have a question. Then please send us a message and we will gladly help you out. When you create an account you will have three tabs to you right. My Wishlist - Here you can add cards to see when we get them instock. My Store Credit - You will find your store credits here from tradeins or tournament wins. Decklist - This is a powerful tool for those who has a list of cards. Just paste it in and you will se what we have in stock. Best Regards Alara Games


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