22/23 Four Seasons League

Alara Games presents our new annual series of events, the ‘’Four Seasons League’’. The past years have not been kind to players and competitive play have lay dormant, waiting, longing to sprout anew.

The world has begun to crawl back up to its feet. Players around the globe feel the urge to compete, to prove themselves and show off their skill. We are here to tend to that urge and let you play some competitive ‘’Magic: the Gathering’’.

The path through the series of events that is the 2022–2023 season, looks like this:

Each of the four seasons of the year will hold two 15K tournaments and one 25K end of season tournament, which will both award league points to different extents, based on placement. After the 25K Summer Season Tournament has ended, invitations will go out to the top 16 players that have qualified for the 22 /23 ‘’Four Seasons League 50K Playoffs’’ and the player with the most league points through the series will earn the ‘’Player of the Year’’ award of 20K on the day of the Playoffs.

Everyone with any level of experience can try their hand at this qualification path and If you just want to participate in a single event, just for the sake of playing a bigger event, you can do that too!


Order of Events

Autumn Season


Modern        Modern      Modern


Winter Season


Legacy        Modern      Legacy


Spring Season


Pioneer        Pioneer      Pioneer


Summer Season


Modern        Legacy      Modern


League Information

Score League Points:

A player scores League Points through all the events in the series according to the placement in each event, as listed below. 

15K Events

1st 15p
2nd 10p
3-4th 7p
5-8th 5p
9-16th 3p
17-32nd 1p

25K Events

1st 30p
2nd 20p
3-4th 17p
5-8th 15p
9-16th 10p
17-32nd 5p
33-64th 2p

General Tournament Information:

22/23 League season runs 2022-09-24 through 2023-08-31

League Finals: 2023-08

Rule Enforcement Level: Competitive

Decklists: Must be provided one day prior to the event and will only be accepted through the Decklist link on respective event page at alaragames.se.

Pairing Method: Swiss with cut to top 8

Best of: 3




Placement Name TotPoints
1. Christoffer Lyngsaa Larsson 15
2. Marcus Johansson 10
3. Joakim almelund 7
4. Tobias Weidenborn 7
5. Henrik Månsson 5
6. Oskar Månsson 5
7. Björn Arnö 5
8. Per Stureson 5
9. Batuhan Gencay 3
10. Boas Renfors 3
11. Jesse Lee 3
12. Ola Birgersson 3
13. Mikael Linden 3
14. Cim Knutsen 3
15. Felix Lensing 3
16. Gustav Holmberg 3
17. Dan Luthman 1
18. Jonatan Larsson 1
19. Giacomo Colombo 1
20. Jonathan Westergren 1
21. Pierre Carlsson 1
22. Mathias Sernerud 1
23. Mick Björkman 1
24. Vidar Wobbe 1
25. Jack Malm 1
26. Matteo Tamini 1
27. Svante Seger 1
28. Niklas Hay Werner 1
29. Kristoffer Pettersson 1
30. Andreas Lindholm 1
31. Daniel Ericson 1
32. Erik Johansson 1
33. Nicklas Sörensen 0
34. Henrik Johannesson 0
35. Odin Mamo 0


Updated 2022-09-25

*All prize amounts mentioned are in Store Credits and/or Sponsored items and are calculated by its recommended retail value in SEK. All Sponsored items are displayed as an estimated representation of Ultra Pro's support package and are subject to change to adjust for new releases and changes in distributor stock.