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Magic: The Gathering

Covid-19 Restrictions:
from the last of September, the participation threshold will be increased from 32 to 64 players due to the start of government ‘’Stage 4’’ of removing Covid-19 restrictions.

We have prepared each table with a player divider in acrylic for everyone that we will continue to use initially. These MUST NOT be moved during the event. There will be hand sanitizers accessible to all participants. We kindly but firmly ask of you to stay home if you have any symptoms of Covid.

The event area will also be closed for the general public.

Ticket purchase:
Tickets are available at Alaragames.se. Note that store credits CAN NOT be used with a purchase that includes event tickets.

Tournament Format:
Top 4 (<16 participants)
Top 8 (≥16 participants)

Prize Support
Promo Packs + Store Credits

For more information, visit www.alaragames.se/pages/events.