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Flesh and Blood - Nationals
Flesh and Blood

Alara Games are proud to host the Swedish Nationals in Flesh and Blood and we want to gratulate the following players that already have qualified for the Nationals: 

Player                        Player ID             Qualififcation 

Johnson, Jack            53659867            RTN - Alphaspel - Aug. 1, 2021

Pankhurst, André       75672767            RTN - Alara Games - Sept. 4, 2021

Lind, Tobias                81532369            RTN - Alara Games - Sept. 4, 2021

We have been allocated 32 spots for the Nationals due to the Covid-19 pandemic. To ensure the safety and comfort of the players, we have provided each table with protection shields/dividers. These are NOT allowed to be moved aside during games.

The format played is: Swiss: 6x Classic Constructed rounds → Cut to Top 8Top 8: Classic Constructed (best of 1). 

Tickets will be available in our webshop. Please note that any kind of discount and/or store credits WILL NOT WORK on a purchase that includes event tickets. 

Additional info can be found at: https://fabtcg.com/organised-play/2021/nationals/sweden-national-championship-2021/ 

-:Schedule For the event:-

8:45am Player Meeting 

9:00am Round 1 

10:00am Round 2 

11:00am Round 3 

12:00pm Round 4 

1:00pm Round 5 (Deck check at start of round) 

2:10pm Round 6 (Deck check at start of round) 

3:20pm Round 6 Completed - End of Swiss 

3:30pm Top 8 announced

3:30pm - 4pm Deck checks and small break for players. 

4:00pm Quarter-Finals 

5:00pm Semi-Finals 

6:00pm Finals 

7:00pm Tournament Completed 

7:10pm Winner announced - prize given + photos etc 

7:15pm and forward - opportunity for players to catch up post-event (in-store)

Champion - Gold Cold Foil Legendary + National Champion Trophy + Professional Tournament Invitation (PTI) + Cold Foil Adult Hero 

Finalist - 4x Tales of Aria Booster Boxes (First Edition) + Cold Foil Adult Hero + PTI 

3rd-4th - 2x Tales of Aria Booster Boxes (First Edition) + Cold Foil Adult Hero 

5th-8th - 1x Tales of Aria Booster Boxes (First Edition) + Cold Foil Adult Hero 

9th-24th - CF Adult Hero 

Participation - Storage Box to the first 32 players that purchase a ticket.

Top 8 players will also receive an exclusive Top 8 National Championship playmat.