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Alara Games 10k-Series: Legacy Trial
Magic: The Gathering

In these trial events the first place takes home a bye for Alara Games 10K-Series Modern going down on February 5th on top of store credit prizes. 

A player can gather and use up to 2 byes for the main event. 

Ultimate Guard is the main sponsor for this event and products from them will be awarded to the top placing players. 

When: December 11th
Format: Legacy
Registration ends: 10.30
Tournament Start: 11.00
Entry Fee: 200SEK
REL: Competative
Decklists: Yes, email your decklist to info@alaragames.se BEFORE tournament start.
Tournament: Swiss with top cut
Price Support: Store Credits and one bye for the main event.
Where: Alara Games, Föreningsgatan 16, Trollhättan 

Important Dates:
December 18th - Modern Trial - Tickets Available Now
January 15th - Pioneer Trial - Tickets Available In 2022
February 5th - 10k-Series Modern Main Event - Tickets Available In 2022

Changes to the above information may occour due to the situation the world is in right now. We will strictly follow the guidelines regarding the pandemic and we will ask you to stay home if you have any symptoms.

Store Credits and one bye for the main event.


This is so that we can enroll you to the tournament.