Deep Rock Galactic: The Board Game (2nd Edition)

Deep Rock Galactic: The Board Game (2nd Edition)

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Deep Rock Galactic: The Board Game

Cooperative Game - Solo Game - Dice Game


Players: 1-4
Age: 12+
Duration 60-150 min

In Deep Rock Galactic: The Board Game, an authorized tabletop game adaption of the popular computer game, players take the roles of up to four dwarf miners in space: the Scout, the Engineer, the Gunner, and the Driller. Players must work together to mine precious minerals deep below the surface of a hostile planet where indigenous insectoid predators — the Glyphids — await, aggressively defending their caves against the intruders. Will your team be able to meet the mineral quota set by the company, or will you all end up as dinner for the Glyphids?

Players move around the board while throwing dice to fight monsters and mine rare minerals in order to escape in time with the required amount of minerals needed to win the current mission.